What is Eatsane?

To make a long story short: We develop and produce food that is low-carb, free from artificial sweeteners, and most importantly, delicious!

Still here? Great! We are worth the long version…

Like all good stories, ours starts with two people: Dr. Mariela Glandt, endocrinologist and daughter of a diabetic father, and Ran Hirsch, lawyer and entrepreneur whose middle daughter, Hadar, was diagnosed with juvenile diabetes at age 8.

Dr. Mariela Glandt is a leading world-renowned endocrinologist and has been treating patients with diabetes for over 20 years.  In the past 5 years, she changed her practice to support the option of a low carb diet as the main tool to reverse diabetes. Why? Because even though she used the best medicines available, she found herself helping her patients manage the disease, but not really reversing it.


After much research, she switched to food as her main tool and her patients began reversing the disease! However, let’s face it… Diets are tough. Food is a pleasure. So it was obvious that the main challenge with this approach was ensuring that, over time, patients remained committed to their new diet.


When patients fell of the diet, it was usually because they were missing bread or sweets.  She searched for food that would be healthy, nutritious, and of course, appetizing, to help her patients. There were almost no foods that fell into all three categories. The market was divided into products that were either:

Low carb but didn’t taste good

Low carb but packed with artificial sweeteners

With no real options out there, Dr. Glandt used her expertise as an endocrinologist and knowledge in nutrition to develop chocolate pralines for her patients. One of the patients was co-founder Ran Hirsch’s daughter, and Ran couldn’t help but notice that the chocolate really worked its magic on his daughter. It tasted amazing and did not raise her glucose levels!

They realized that becoming partners could help her bring these products to more people.

Our exaggerated intake of carbohydrates and sugars are causing health issues and weight gain. But solutions based on sacrifice don’t last. Food is also for the soul, for socializing with friends, and for pleasure.

So, our solution is different – we change food, not people!

Ran and Mariela gathered chefs, dietitians, and developers, and together created Eatsane. Combining expertise, the two discovered the secret to creating food that tastes just like the food you love – but with significantly fewer carbohydrates and no artificial sweeteners, while still fully delicious.

This process has allowed us to create a variety of foods in different categories: bread, rolls, pita, and chocolate pralines. We’re still working to bring other dreams to life – like pizzas, pastas, cookies, puddings and snacks. Basically, we hope you’re ready for a taste revolution.

We hope you’ll join us and become part of the worldwide change in how we think about nutrition! We welcome you to write in, talk with us, leave suggestions, and become part of the change. Get ongoing updates on all our news at our Facebook page, EATSANE.

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